DisplayPort Extenders Replace HDMI Extender And HDMI Switch Technology As Audio/Video Standard

DisplayPort extenders and switches are quickly becoming the standard for extension of video and audio production plus personal computing graphics. Probably the most current evolution of the cutting-edge technologies are marked by recent advances in DisplayPort technology that provide all DisplayPort extenders the greatest bandwidth available on the market associated with a available audio/video repeater- whether DVI, or HDMI extender technology.

DisplayPort extenders are poised to consider video and audio signal data further, faster, in a greater resolution, with less signal loss than in the past! Which means that DVI and HDMI extenders may be reaching the finish of the product existence-cycles.

DisplayPort Achieves 70% Greater Bandwidth over HDMI Switch/HDMI Extender Options

DisplayPort extenders can handle transporting more bandwidth than every other legacy DVI or HDMI extender possibilities, as much as 17.28 gigabits per second (gb/s) in the present generation, 70% greater bandwidth compared to greatest generation HDMI switch specifications. DVI components face the limitation. The value-oriented first generation DisplayPort standard is capable of doing delivering accelerates to eight.64 gb/s.

DVI and HDMI Extenders Have Lower Bandwidth

In comparison, the ultimate generation HDMI extender includes a maximum throughput of 10.2 gb/s, and also the value-oriented first generation HDMI extender specs tops out just 4.95 gb/s. Value-oriented first generation single link DVI cable can also be restricted to only 4.95 gb/s. Probably the most costly dual link DVI extenders can handle bandwith at maximum speeds of 9.9 gb/s, whereas single link DVI cable is even slower. Value-oriented single link DVI cable is restricted to simply 4.95 gb/s. DVI and HDMI switch speeds are similar.

DisplayPort: Most Lately Updated, Not going anywhere soon

Second generation DisplayPort 1.1a was launched in November 11, 2009. Second generation HDMI was launched on June 22, 2006. The HDMI switch is not likely to get any major upgrades soon because of initial bandwidth and technical design parameters. You have to HDMI extender technology.

Possibly most regrettably for DVI technology die-hards, the consortium of tech firms that first joined together to determine the DVI standard has since disbanded. There won’t be any future updates to DVI.